Escort PASSPORT Max Product Demo From Sound Waves

The Passport Max is your greatest ally when taking to the road. It offers protection on all radar and laser bands, thanks to its unique High Definition Radar Performance. Threats can be difficult for other detectors to see due to RF interference, but the Passport Max has Digital Signal Processing or DSP, which uses military technology to accurately and quickly identify threats.

Seeing threats just got a whole lot easier with the Max’s new color OLED display. The display can be customized to match your car’s interior lights, and the graphics and icons allow you to quickly identify the type of threat. The Passport Max can also be customized according to the type of driving you are doing, whether it’s long distance or city driving. The system is powered by the pre-loaded DEFENDER Database, which includes speed cameras, known speed traps, and red light cameras throughout North America. Updates can be downloaded and data backed up through ESCORT’s website. A driver seeking the ultimate protection against tickets can subscribe to the ESCORT Live alert network, although additional hardware may be required.  Other great features of the PASSPORT Max are its variable speed options, Crystal Clear Voice Alerts, its ability to mark the location of a speed trap, camera location, or other items for future warning, and its adaptive signal processing.  ESCORT’s industry leading GPS system enables the Max to “learn” by location and frequency each radar signal it comes across to quickly identify whether it is a threat.  The result is lightning fast threat processing in less than a second and the identification and future elimination of false alarms.

The Passport Max comes with a new “Sticky Cup” windshield mount, but can also be installed in a more permanent fashion. Find this and other fine radar detectors at

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