Welcome to winter in its full glory! Some may argue it’s not so glorious; what with snow, ice, and the arctic chill. With winter weather comes the challenge of starting your car while waiting for the heat to crank so you can go about your day. But here’s the good news: whether frozen icicles on your windowpanes or the hottest, grueling humidity of deep summer and the need for merciful AC, your car will be in top form with the Sound Waves Remote Car Starter. Start your car to ready it BEFORE your journey, and have it comfortable and ready to meet your needs, whatever the weather.

Worried about your warranty? Worry not: Sound Waves in Parsippany boasts a certified installation team guaranteeing your car is properly configured to maintain your original warranty. Serving the Tri-State Area and Eastern Pennsylvania, with 25 years’ experience, Sound Waves has an unsurpassed understanding of the constantly changing, state of the art audio and video systems on the market today.

Easily get connected by the Sound Waves team to Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, iPhone, or Android, and you can start, control, or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone. Hop into a comforting warm car this winter and a cooled car in the summer, your remote starter is there at your convenience whatever the weather, to get your car raring to go and start your day. From GPS systems to iPod/iPhone and Smartphone to custom car alarm systems and so much more, Sound Waves of Parsippany, NJ offers a tremendous scope of services that takes you from simple product selection to infinite possibilities to upgrade your car, outfit your home, and enrich your life.

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