Sound Waves has over 25 years of experience installing remote starts. There are MANY components required to make a remote start work properly long-term for your car. Do not trust this to an unknown installer at a big box store who only work a few days per week. At Sound Waves, our installers are on site and will be there if you have any issues. The peace of mind a properly installed Sound Waves Remote Starter will bring years of convenience to you and your family.

There are many benefits of a remote start on your car:

  1. Your car will be warm on cold winter days
  2. No more struggling to remove ice on your car’s windows
  3. Your car will be nice and cool on hot Summer days
  4. You will know where your car is when you park in a big lot
  5. Improvement of your quality of life by getting in a warm car in Winter and cold car in Summer
  6. Added security to your car, especially if you customize your vehicle
  7. Your family will be happier as they will always get in a warm car, too!

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