Home Theater NJ

Sound Waves offers sales and installation on home theater components as well as mobile electronics. We’d love to help you achieve a superior audio video experience in your home as well as in your vehicle! To ensure that you get the best home theater system for your house and needs, the Sound Waves team emphasizes communication and consultation. We begin by talking with you about your needs, before designing your home theater system. Our expert installers then follow up with professional installation of your flat screen TV, home theater receiver, speakers, and DVD player. Sound Waves even offers service to trouble-shoot problems with your home theater system and ensure that you get the best entertainment experience possible! Call today to learn how Sound Waves can make your dream of a home theater into reality!

Flat Screen TVs: A big screen TV is the focal point of your home theater, so it’s important to choose a quality LCD or plasma TV. Sound Waves offers a variety of home theater screen options in several sizes to suit your needs. An HDTV is recommended for the sharpest image, color definition, and overall visual experience. Flat screen TVs from Sound Waves can be wall mounted or placed on a media center.

Blu-ray DVD players: Blu-ray players (also known as Blueray players) are the newest advancement in high quality video technology. These high-tech disc players offer image quality that far surpasses standard DVD players. And if you’re going to the expense of creating a home theater, you definitely need the best picture quality possible! That’s why Sound Waves highly recommends a Blu-ray player for every home theater system. In addition to their sharp, clear picture, Blu-ray DVD players also read regular DVDs and even CDs–you get the ultimate in versatility as well as performance!

Home Theater NJ

Home theater speakers: For a truly amazing audio video experience, a home theater also requires superior sound. Sound Waves offers a variety of home theater speakers including in-wall speakers and wall mounted speakers. To achieve the best sound balance and quality, we recommend at least one subwoofer as part of your home theater system.

Home theater receivers: Sound Waves also offers home theater receivers for easy operation of your entire home theater system. This unit is a dedicated stereo component receiver that ties together your entire home theater system from your speakers to your flat screen TV to your Blu-ray player. With a centralized home theater receiver, you can easily manage your entire AV system.

Sound Waves offers a wide variety of services related to home theaters and home automation, including:
• Theater seating Acoustic paneling
• Home automation Whole house distributed audio
• Plasma, LCD TV Sales & installation Cameras
• Thermostat control Blinds control
• Outdoor audio systems
If you’re ready to enhance your house with any of these home electronics, call today to learn more!

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