Mobile Video & Back Up Cameras NJ

Whether you’re looking to entertain the kids during long road trips, impress business colleagues, or just show off with a sweet car audio video display, Sound Waves can create a custom mobile video system to suit your needs. In car video has evolved into one of the hottest trends in car electronics, with endless possibilities for placement, input options, and more. If you’re looking to get the absolute best out of your car or truck, you need car video from Sound Waves!

Sound Waves offers sales and installation on a huge range of mobile video options. Check out our selection of screens, car DVD players, and other car video components at our Parsippany showroom. Our sales staff would love to help you create the mobile video system you’ve been dreaming of. With today’s technology, the sky’s the limit when it comes to video: in addition to options involving screen placement (flip-down, headrest mounted, visor mounted, trunk mounted, and in dash), there are also a number of choices for video input. You can opt for an integrated CD/DVD/radio deck or choose a stand-alone DVD player. Other available features of your car video system include iPod video integration, remote controllers, video game inputs, and infrared headphones.

Custom installation is the name of the game at Sound Waves. All of our installers are MECP certified for the best in quality workmanship and mobile video performance. We have the creative vision and superior installation skills to design and implement just about any car video system–from screens in doors to dash-mounted screens to traditional ceiling mounted screens, we’ve done it all. In fact, we once installed 59 car video monitors in a Porsche Cayenne to create a truly distinctive car video showpiece! Sound Waves specializes in custom upholstery and fiberglass, enabling us to create professionally finished results no matter how complicated the installation. And, of course, if you’d prefer a more OEM look installation for your mobile video system, we have the skills to make it look like it’s been there all along.

Back Up Cameras

Back Up Camera NJ

Although most people are familiar with mobile entertainment systems, many don’t realize that car video can also be used to increase your vehicle’s safety–back up camera systems also fall into the category of mobile video. These rear-mounted cameras enable drivers to see behind them–no matter how big the truck or SUV–by displaying the rear view on a dash-mounted LCD display. Especially if you have small children or live in a busy neighborhood, a back up camera can be a lifesaver. Literally. Sadly, an average of 229 children die each year after being struck by a vehicle in a driveway or parking lot. Most of these children were under four years old, too small to see in the rearview mirror. Even more tragically, the driver of the vehicle was frequently a loved one who just didn’t see the child. Having a back up camera installed on your vehicle is the best way to avoid this type of preventable accident. Call Sound Waves today to learn more about how a back up camera can work to make your vehicle safer!

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