JL Audio M600 Product Demo From Sound Waves

Ever drive around in a boat, turn up the music, and all of a sudden hear the speakers begin buzzing? Instead of being able to focus on the music, the “whomp whomp” of the speakers becomes what your ears tune in to. Turning the volume down is not the long-term solution because the noise of the engine and the wind will not go away when the vessel is at-speed. The solution is to get an amplifier and increase the power so that the speakers do not need to do all of the work. This is where JL Audio’s M600/6 Class D Full-Range Marine Amplifier shines. Small and compact – measuring roughly 11” wide – the M600/6 provides 100 watts per channel across up to 6 channels. Knowing that conditions on a boat can vary, the engineers at JL Audio designed the M600/6 for complete flexibility when it comes to audio configuration. One can run three subwoofers in a bridged 2-channel mode or power subwoofers in addition to coaxial or component speakers. The built-in variable frequency filters allow one to switch between high or low-pass modes depending on whether subs or speakers are being powered. The specs allow for 75 watts RMS x 6 at 4 ohms or 100 watts RMS x 6 at 2 ohms. In the bridged mode, 200 watts RMS x 3 are possible with 4-ohm level stability. To meet the demands of larger systems, one can connect multiple amplifiers using the included preamp RCA inputs. JL Audio’s Class D NexD technology provides for high-speed switching with takes away the drawbacks that can be associated with Class D amplifier design. The unit also puts less strain on a vessel’s electrical system and runs cooler. This is due to the Advanced Thermal Rollback System which removes the threat of shut-down due to increasing thermal levels. All of this is packaged in a white and gray casing with a gasket cover to protect the controls. The result is across-the-spectrum performance, low distortion, and top-level efficiency exceeding 80%.  Non-technically speaking, this means a feast for your ears. Find this and many other find marine audio products at Sound Waves

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