SOUNDCAST Melody Product Demo From Sound Waves

The Melody from SOUNDCAST provides big sound in a compact design.  The rugged all-weather design allows an audiophile the ability to bring the power of an indoor hi-fi system wherever he or she wants to go. Want to have a party in the rain? This is the device you want to use because it is splash, spill, and rain proof. In addition to being all-weather, the Melody provides 20 hours of listening pleasure before requiring a recharge. The built-in Bluetooth receiver allows one to stream music in high-definition from any desired mobile device. Eight speakers in the unit ensure that the music never gets stale regardless of one’s taste.

Wherever life takes you, take Melody with you. At 8.5 pounds, it is the perfect conductor to orchestrate the soundtrack of your life. To craft a product worthy of an Apple progeny, SOUNDCAST’s engineers put an emphasis on design, form, and functionality. Like the tonal balance it boasts, Melody blends all three in harmony and symphonic synchronicity.

Unlike other speakers that merely act as conduits for sound, the Melody was designed with the user in mind. Simple controls on the device itself eliminate the need to pull out one’s phone to change the song. Another element of simple luxury is the ability to unite multiple devices to the Melody from which music can be streamed. Add a three-hundred-sixty degree sound experience (meaning that the sound is the same regardless of which “side” of the Melody one happens to be facing) and you will realize why one person wrote, “Melody isn’t just an audio device, she’s an essential member of my busy family!”

In summary, the Melody is a must have for the life adventurer in all of us. Whether cooking in the kitchen, tailgating at the stadium, soaking up the sun on the beach, hiking through the mountains, or relaxing on the deck, the Melody is a companion that will not only impress you, it will make you look good with your friends. You can find this and other top quality portable music devices at

Stay Tuned!