Paradigm Signature S6 Product Demo From Sound Waves

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November 28, 2014
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December 2, 2014

Class, sophistication, precision, and balance are all words that come unbidden when viewing Paradigm’s Signature S6. Remove the front covering and golden speakers, coiled bezels, and platinum toned accents surrounded by a piano black finish greet the eye, though it is also available in a cherry finish. Questions about the mysteries of life come to mind as the winds of existentialism swirl around this obelisk of magnificence. Only a sound device you say? My friend, welcome to the decomposition of excellence.

The Paradigm Signature S6 Home Theater Speaker offers unprecedented sound for both movies and music, making them an excellent choice for your home theater. In the merciless pursuit of their craft, the engineers at Paradigm forged an instrument of unparalleled mastery. Pure beryllium, lighter than diamond or aluminum, was chosen for its deceptive rigidity and thermal properties. Cobalt-Infused Anodized Pure-Aluminum helped provide a high stiffness-to-mass. A precision die-cast aluminum chamber was added to optimize volume, and cooling fins in the rear chamber aid the escape of trapped heat.

The floor-standing tower was designed to allow you to hear your favorite songs with a fresh ear and to watch your favorite movies as though for the first time; experience through sound that which you thought you knew. Find this and other home theater components at Sound Waves.