Device Integration New Jersey

iPod Integration
Portable mp3 players are convenient and easy to use–right up until you try to use them in your car! Then, instead of being convenient, they can become a real hassle. Add in the staticky transmissions of FM connectors, and it seems impossible to enjoy your iPod while you’re on the road. That’s why Sound Waves offers iPod integration systems. This fabulous new technology enables you to seamlessly and attractively integrate your iPod with your car audio system for easy operation and great sound quality. Compatible with both factory and aftermarket car stereos, iPod integration systems interface directly with your car stereo for top-quality sound. Some iPod integration options even enable you to manage your music right on your car audio deck! Sound Waves is ready to help you enjoy your iPod even when you’re in the driver’s seat. Drop by our Parsippany showroom to learn more about iPod integration options for your car or truck.

Device Integration NJ

Bluetooth Integration
New Jersey State law prohibits driving and using a hand-held cell phone–meaning it’s time for Bluetooth integration from Sound Waves. Especially with the recent crack down on drivers breaking this regulation, it’s important to ensure your phone is hands-free when you’re on the road. Bluetooth integration offers innovative technology to keep your hands on the wheel and enables you to easily operate your cell phone at the same time. Sound Waves offers both add-on units and fully integrated Bluetooth compatible stereo systems to suit your needs. You’ll be love the awesome features you can get with Bluetooth integration, including on-screen caller ID, voice command, voice dialing, touch screen dialing, voice texting, and more. Let Sound Waves help keep you safe and legal while you’re driving! Call today to learn more about hands-free Bluetooth integration for your car.

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