Alpine CDE-HD149BT Product Demo From Sound Waves

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July 17, 2014
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October 31, 2014

If you’re in the hunt for a do-it-all car stereo, look no further than Alpine’s CDE-HD149BT CD in-dash receiver.

What makes this car stereo different than others? It has a lot of features that other car stereos do not have. With Alpine’s CDE-HD149BT you can use an iPhone or Android phone. You can actually tune your car from your phone and it has pre loaded equalizers settings for each car. Meaning it has its own presets EQs: flat, pops, rock, news, jazz, electric dance, hip hop, easy listening, country and classical to accommodate your musical tastes that work best for each car model. It has sound correction and time alignment and can guarantee its intense digital sounds. This is unique and definitely something that none of the other manufacturers have.
It allows simple connection of a compatible Android device or Apple iPod or iPhone, so you can charge your device and play back music.

Lets you stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and utilize the included microphone for hands-free calls.

The CDE-HD149BT had is very fast! It took about 15-20 seconds initially to scan the drive before playback, you could shut the car or the deck off and come back to it with the deck resuming playback within mere seconds. It is much faster at doing this than other systems. Sound Waves has this and many other car audio choices to choose from.