Car Alarms & GPS Tracking Systems NJ

It’s unfortunate, but we live in a world where car break-ins occur on a daily basis. To protect your prized vehicle as well as the valuable belongings inside, Sound Waves offers a full line of vehicle security options, from radar detection and speed protection systems to traditional car alarms. With New Jersey’s high car theft rates, it’s high time to safeguard your vehicle. Why leave it up to chance when you can protect your car or truck with a first-class car alarm from our top-rated Parsippany store? Call today to learn more about our wide range of vehicle security systems along with our expert installation.

The sad truth is, for the majority of car theft victims, the property is never recovered. That’s why you shouldn’t wait to ward off would-be criminals. A car alarm from Sound Waves is a simple and affordable step you can take now to tighten the security on your vehicle and all the mobile electronics inside. After all, a blaring alarm and flashing lights can go a long way in making a thief think twice about trying to steal your ride. And, when you choose Sound Waves to install your vehicle security system, you’re choosing MECP-certified installers with a reputation for top-notch workmanship and stellar service. Keeping your car safe and secure has never been easier!

Visit our mobile electronics showroom in Parsippany today to demo our quality selection of car alarm systems for yourself. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, Sound Waves has a vehicle security option to meet your needs. Our trained sales staff is available to assist you, and we can answer any questions you have about the different features relating to car alarms, including:

• Remote starters Keyless entry and more…
• Dual shock sensors Glass sensors
• Two-way remotes Ignition interruption

Car Alarms NJ

At Sound Waves, we’re not here solely to sell you a car alarm. We’re dedicated to helping you get a vehicle security package that can put your mind at ease. We don’t want you to risk additional repair fees due to faulty installation. And we certainly don’t want you to experience the aggravation of false alarms or malfunctioning car alarms that prevent your vehicle from starting. Those issues may arise when your car security alarm isn’t installed right, but you’ll never have to worry about them happening with our team by your side. For true car alarm security, just give us a ring today!

GPS Tracking Systems
GPS tracking systems are one of the latest high-tech solutions for total vehicle security. These systems help you keep track of where your vehicle is at all times, making them ideal for theft recovery, fleet management, and parental control. Frequently known by the brand name LoJack, car tracking systems are your best bet for recovering a stolen vehicle. Sound Waves provides sales and installation on car tracking devices to help you monitor your car or truck. Whether you’re concerned about vehicle recovery, teenage drivers, or fleet management, we’re ready to help you get the data you need with a GPS tracking system. Call Sound Waves today to learn more about how this cutting-edge vehicle security solution can work for you.

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