Kenwood KDC-X998 Product Demo From Sound Waves

The Kenwood KDC-X998 has a lot to offer for your in-car entertainment experience. Not only does it have the basic AM/FM radio, CD player with MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV files playback, and dual USB ports for iPod, iPhone, and Andriod, it offers compatibility with SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and HD Radio, giving you an endless selection for whatever your musical taste may be. There are several apps available, for both iPhone and Android, for controlling your KDC-X998, including Kenwood’s Music Control for Android app.

Your on-the-road listening won’t be overwhelmed by the road thanks to DriveEQ, an equalizer developed by the engineers at Kenwood to eliminate road noise that interferes with the audio signal. According to Kenwood, “DriveEQ boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to compensate the negative impact of road noise.” This receiver also includes Sound Reconstruction, Sound Excellence DSP, Space Enhancer, Sound Realizer, Bass Boost, an iPod equalizer mode, and adjustable subwoofer levels to maximize your musical listening experience.

KDC-X998 comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth device with functions available on the receiver, including track name display and track search. The Bluetooth receiver and microphone also allows you to access the voice dialing feature found on most smart phones, plus your contact list, last calls, and missed calls for hands-free dialing. All built-in Bluetooth receivers have an iPhone Automatic Pairing feature via USB.

The Kenwood KDC-X998 also has several aesthetic options so you can personalize your display. Choose the three line display or the larger two line display. The display color can be changed to one of the preset colors or create your own color for a completely unique look.

With its abundant music listening options, sound quality features, and aesthetic choices, the Kenwood KDC-X998 is a great choice for your in-car entertainment. Sound Waves offers this and much more visit their site today!

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