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High Resolution Technologies (HRT) ISTREAMERUS

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Product Description

The iStreamer AC uses a (provided) 5VDC power supply to connect to an AC outlet in your home or office**, and is very easy to operate. Simply connect one end of the supplied RCA cables (or any set that you prefer to use) to the two RCA jacks on the iStreamer AC, then connect the other end of the RCA cables to any available analogue input (except a PHONO input, which is for analogue turntables only) on your integrated amplifier, preamplifier, receiver, power amplifier with attenuators, or powered speakers. Next, make sure that your iDevice is in “standby” mode (where the device is powered on, but has the black screen showing), and connect the included/proprietary (you must use the HRT-supplied cable, as the Apple stock synch cable has a different pin configuration and will not function correctly) synch cable from the iStreamer AC to your iDevice. Then, attach the cable from the (plugged-into-the-wall) power supply, and look for a brief flash of the amber lights on the iStreamer AC that indicates that it has successfully powered on, and finally, watch for the single blinking amber light that indicates that the iStreamer AC has successfully “paired” with your iDevice. Once you see this light blinking, you can go directly to iTunes and start playing music with up to CD-quality sound, depending on the quality and resolution of the song file being played*. Even the lowliest MP3 file sounds richer, bolder, and more dynamic compared to playing the same song directly from the iDevice, but CDs ripped at full 16/44.1k resolution sound fantastic.

The iStreamer AC provides full support for applications designed to run on an iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod®, as well as allowing you to listen to internet radio stations and streaming music services, as well as the audio content of on-line movie services such as Netflix and the like. With its Apple-approved, ultra high performance circuitry, and “host mode” of operation that eliminates jitter in the digital interface, the iStreamer AC, combined with your iDevice, renders a CD player and a library of physical discs effectively obsolete. For the first time, without having to tether your iDevice to a “middleman”-style docking unit and separate Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC), you can enjoy a level of sound quality in your home entertainment system or vehicle never before possible from a portable audio device. A great side benefit of using the iStreamer AC is that it actually charges your iDevice as it plays music, extending its playtime.

*iDevices are limited by Apple to play music files with a maximum resolution of 16bit/48k, so one cannot play any “Hi-Res” files (24bit/96k, etc.). Basically, if you can load it onto or play through your iDevice, the iStreamer AC will play any given stored or streaming file at its full native resolution up to a max of 16bit/48k.


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