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HiFiMan HE560


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Product Description


The bass on HE-560  can hit low, with authority and impact. It is also quite fast and tight, presenting a very good amount of detail.  What I love about it is that sometimes it surprises you when it seems to appear from nowhere and it shows you how deep it can go and how hard it can hit. It’s very well integrated in the rest of the spectrum and gives the sound a fast and energetic sound signature, keeping the sound on the neutral side.



The mids on HE-560 are quite impressive with very good details, energy and feel. The voices are quite clean and present in the song as these headphones bring them closer to you. The instruments have good energy in the beginning of their life span, especially the vibrating ones like chords. For example the violins, cellos and electric guitars are very visceral and full of energy.



The treble is well extended, detailed and sparkly. They are not quite bright but on some songs they can be a little tiresome. However, they do give a very airy sound signature and it still seems more natural than the treble on HD800, even if not quite as detailed.



The detail retrieval is very good and you can hear a lot of stuff going on in the songs.



The voices are brought to you in a very present and transparent manner. They are right there with you in the front row, but not in an invasive way, natural being a better description of the situation.  I love their presence, texture and extension. Soundstage, Imaging and Instrument Separation I love the airy presentation of these headphones. They have a very spacious and natural soundstage with good imaging and instrument separation.


Clean Sound

Considering the very clear midrange, sparkly treble and fast, tight but deep bass, these headphones offer a very crisp and clean sound.


Energy and Dynamics

As I said before, the sound is very energetic on the HiFiMANs. Besides the fast sound that he-560 offers, it is also vibrant and visceral, giving life to the chords and strings.  These qualities also help in offering great dynamics.


Fast sound

The sound is very fast for a planar. Actually it might just be the fastest planar I have heard. LCD- X for example has stronger attack, but a little more lingering decay (especially for lower notes) than HE-560. While this is very fun and can lead to a more energetic presentation, there were times when I found the decay on LCD-X a little more complete and times when it was lazy compared to the HiFiMANs. Overall, it leads to a very interesting and energetic sound experience.


Natural Tonality

With the exception of some harsh treble sound, for example cymbals, HE-560 has a very natural tonality and overall sounded more life like than both LCD-X and HD800.


Smooth sound signature

Besides the above, HE-560 has a nice smoothness characteristic in the sound signature than can be very addictive. When I am saying smoothness, I am referring to the way it jumps from a note to another. It has a strong attack and a fast but smooth decay at the same time. Actually the attack is strong but not too strong, keeping this smoothness I am referring to. While the beginning and the ending of the musical notes are a little blurry, their extension is full of life and energy.

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