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Cadillac Escalade ESV

Cadillac Escalade ESV

Factory radio was removed and replaced with a Kenwood D-Din. Factory wood grain trim was sanded and painted gloss black. Drivers A pillar was remolded for a boost and fuel pressure gauge and then wrapped in stitched cement color suede. All four door panels were vinyl dyed black and speaker pods were made to fit in factory grill location and hold the woofer and tweeter from a Boston Pro component set. Headliner was remolded to flush mount Z Farenheight 15” flip down monitors. Rear headliner has four Alpine PDX amps mount to a welded rack which sits them flush in the cement suede. Third row seat was turned around 180 degrees to give the old station wagon feel and to provide room for a fiberglass sub box that hold 4 10” Boston G5 woofers on the drivers side. Left side an identical shaped sub box with 4 dummy sub woofer cones that motorize up to reveal a X Box 360, 2 controllers and storage for games. Rear hatch lid has a 12” Farenheight monitor for viewing from the flipped around 3rd row seat.
Both rear doors were heavily modified in order for them to open suicide style and all four door handle openings were filled with metal plates and sanded smooth. A door popper was installed on each door to gain access to the interior and all are activated by a viper alarm system.

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