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Home Theater Room

Sound Waves can assist you in designing a dedicated home theater room, taking into account not only quality equipment, such as a projector, speakers, and comfortable seats, but also the setup of the room to create an incredible movie watching experience in the comfort of your own home.

Projector and Screen Size

A proper screen size for the room is imperative for a home theater, as well as a high quality projector. Our designers take into account the room size, its height, and the rows of seats desired, for a good screen fit and a best projector for your needs.

Sound Quality and Acoustics

Your home theater experience will be greatly diminished without quality sound. Sound Waves can help create a professional theater experience with proper speaker placement. Our designers can also help create an ideal acoustic setting to improve the sound and your overall home theater design.


Most equipment for your home theater will be housed outside the room. It is important to make sure the storage area for the components has adequate ventilation. Sound Waves can install proper ventilation for the amount of heat generated by the equipment, thus improving their life expectancy.


Easy to use control options will enhance your multi-media experience while convoluted controls will detract from it. Let Sound Waves help you choose a reliable control system to get the most out of your media room.


Another important aspect of your home theater room is seating. Sound Waves designers can assist you in designing a comfortable layout that meets your needs, whether you decide on a couple of rows of theater seats, or modular or sectional seats. They can also help you sort through the numerous seat cover options, as well as options such as drink holders or reclining seats.

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